Victoria Seel (She/Her)

Age: 23 

A young witch looking for her mother. Tends to be a little naive.




Cortez Velasquez (He/Him)

Age: 26

Archivist by day, supernatural social worker, called the Strayer, by night.




Eleven (She/Her)

Age: ??

A ghostblade, ancient and enigmatic.

It’s not gossip, if it’s true.

The Doll (She/Her)

Age: ??

A mysterious haunted doll. Seems 

to know a whole lot about certain 

missing mothers. 





Ernst (They/Them, She/Her)

Age: 27

Marine biologist and Cortez‘ fiancée. Enjoys the quiet things in life.

Leonard L. Bardem (He/Him)

Age: 32

A man with a troubled past. Fashion icon who loves his boyfriend Cortez very much.

Created by Eva Eckstein. Check out their instagram here.




Lydia Seel (She/Her)

Age: 47

A legendary witch and Victoria’s mother. Has been missing for a year.



Amaranth Sinclaire (They/Them)

Age: Old

One of the first vampires and head of the council of Port Arbores. 


Eleazar Wagner (They/Them)

Age: 28

Works for their boyfriend and Cortez’ landlord Poe Eatman. Outgoing. Likes spiders.

Secondary characters:

Icarus (9, He/Him)

Poe Eatman (27, He/Him)

Gris Silberheim (??, He/Him, They/Them)

Nazali (34, She/Her)

Josephine Schreiber (33, She/Her)

Elliott Morea (35, She/Her, They/Them)