About the comic:

The inexperienced witch Victoria Seel arrives in the town Port Arbores after receiving a mysterious letter from her mother, who has vanished under peculiar circumstances a year prior. After a run-in with a wind-spirit, the secret protector of the town called the Strayer might be able to help her, but the search for clues turns out to be more difficult than first expected. Soon Victoria has to face a threat directly linked to her mother’s disappearance.

Heirs of the Veil is an Urban Fantasy story, that deals with topics of taking on responsibilities and growing up and is directed at age 15+.

The comic also features an LGBTQ+ inclusive cast and touches on topics of gender, sexuality, and dysphoria. While not being the main focus of the narrative it is an important part of the comic overall.

Content Warnings:


-Body Horror


-Depression, Childhood Emotional

Neglect, and other mental issues

The Team

Jasper Klier is a media designer by day and a comic author by night. When he is not working on Heirs of the Veil, he works on his own stories.

Phineas Klier is a German freelance illustrator, who mainly works in comics.

Jasper and Phineas are happily married and own a cat named Pumpkin.

Special Thanks to

Tristan Lánstad for building the site and helping us to maintain it.

Eva Eckstein for allowing us to use her characters Leonard Bardem and Caius in the story.